Winch Machine
A winch is a mechanical device that is used to pull in (wind up) or let out (wind out) or otherwise adjust the "tension" of a rope or wire rope (also called "cable" or "wire cable"). In its simplest form it consists of a spool and attached hand crank.

In larger forms, winches stand at the heart of machines as diverse as tow trucks, steam shovels and elevators. The spool can also be called the winch drum. More elaborate designs have gear assemblies and can be powered by electric, hydraulic, pneumatic or internal combustion drives. Some may include a solenoid brake and/or a mechanical brake or ratchet and pawl device that prevents it from unwinding unless the pawl is retracted.
Worm Gear Winch   Poultry / Hand Winch  
All Types of Hook
wide range of Hooks that are widely used in diverse industries such as building & construction, automobiles and engineering. These are known for corrosion resistance, low maintenance and durability.
Self Locking Eye Hook   Clevis Chain Hook   Eye Sing Hook With Flat
Wire Rope & Chain Eye Hook   Swivel Eye Hook   Chain Shortner
Foundry Hook        
Wire / Nylon Rope Pulley
Nylon Rope, which is fabricated using premium-grade nylon procured from the vendors of high repute. Post production, these products are tested by our quality auditors at several parameters, in order to rule out every possibility of defect. pulleys are extensively used to increase and decrease the speed and also in transferring power from one shaft to another.
Eye bolt
We are engaged in offering a wide range of Eye Bolt, which can be availed in various shapes and sizes to meet the diverse requirements of our clients. These are manufactured using top quality raw material.

This is used for connecting the master link(ring) with the chain & hook with the chain in slings without any decrease in the lifting capacity of the sling as it is made up of alloy steel.
Turn Buckle
A turnbuckle, stretching screw or bottlescrew is a device for adjusting the tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods, and other tensioning systems. It normally consists of two threaded eyelets, one screwed into each end of a small metal loop, one with a left-hand thread and the other with a right-hand thread. The tension can be adjusted by rotating the loop, which causes both eyelets to be screwed in or out simultaneously, without twisting the eyelets or attached cables
  • Uses
    • 1.1 Aircraft
    • 1.2 Shipping
    • 1.3 Sports
    • 1.4 Entertainment Industry
Hoisting ring/chain with great variety and good quality—made of high quality stainless steel, with small body, light weight, easy to carry and use, and play a important part for lifting goods, to link the lifting equipment and lifting clamp, or lifting clamp and goods, which you need to lift or move to other places
Swivel Hoist Ring   Oval Ring   Master Rings With Sub Rings
Plate Lifting Clamp
Designed for transporting of steel plates. One unit for working load limit, you can use one unit or two pieces matched use in the working. It can only hoist one steel plate at one time, stack up lifting is forbidden. And crashing the cargos in the working is also forbidden. It is necessary to pull the link handle up for straining the spring when hoisting the cargos. And press the link handle down when loading off, after releasing the spring, clamp and steel plate will separate from each other. Capacity, P.S.K and WLL shown on the products.
Vertical Plate Lifting Clamp   Horizantal Plate Lifting Clamp